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Residents asked to take survey concerning Kentucky Hwy. 36

Owen County Judge/Executive Casey Ellis announced today the creation of an online survey to gather information from residents who travel Kentucky Hwy. 36 from New Liberty to Sanders.

Once concluded, the results of the survey would be presented to the appropriate levels of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) to advocate for resurfacing and repairs to the state-maintained road.

"I have spent many years advocating for the repair of Hwy. 36 with no results," Ellis said. "Unfortunately, it is a rural secondary road, which is classified by the state as a low-traffic road."

Because of its classification at the state level, Ellis said Hwy. 36 falls to the bottom of the state's priority list when considering which roads will receive repairs.

Members of KYTC, along with state elected officials, have toured the road and made requests for funding to no avail.

"Along with my personal concerns, I have heard from many of our residents that travel this road daily, and all have the same complaints of dangerous conditions that often lead to busted tires or the need for some vehicle repairs. With winter coming, those conditions will certainly worsen. Our survey may not solve the problem but will hopefully give us the data we need to help strengthen our case with the powers that be."

Residents of Hwy. 36 or anyone traveling the road on a regular basis are encouraged to complete the survey at

The survey will stay open through Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2021.

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