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Owen County Fiscal Court assists public library with return of bookmobile program

OWENTON, Ky. (Jan. 19, 2022) – After nearly 30 years since its dissolution, Judge/Executive Casey Ellis recently joined members of the Owen County Public Library (OCPL) Board of Trustees to announce the return of the OCPL bookmobile program.

The program's return is made possible by the Owen County Fiscal Court's donation of a surplus eight-passenger public transit bus, which library staff is currently in the process of converting to meet the needs of the program.

"Living in a large, rural county often limits a portion of our residents from accessing much-needed assistance and resources," Ellis said. "The bookmobile will provide such residents, including K-12 students, the opportunity to retrieve educational materials that will set them on the path to success. The program will also offer our homebound and elderly population the chance to browse the shelves and have face-to-face contact with the library's warm and friendly staff members."

OCPL has been in existence since 1946, with the first bookmobile purchased in 1954. The bookmobile proved successful with much growth and vehicle upgrades until 1996 when trustees decided to dissolve the program due to a lack of interest.

Following the dissolution of the library's bookmobile program, OCPL has continually crafted an outreach program to serve the community. The program includes using the library-owned minivan to take materials to elderly patrons who cannot come to the library and various public facilities, including post offices, for grab-and-go book selections.

"The library staff has always had a dream to reinstate a bookmobile program," said OCPL Director Cyndi Clifton. "However, the financial obligation was the determining factor to remain on an outreach-only format. Our dream became a reality when the fiscal court graciously gifted the library with a surplus vehicle to use as a bookmobile. This vehicle will have the capability of allowing access to our materials for patrons who do not visit the library building."

Library staff anticipates the bookmobile will be ready to roll by spring. For more information on services offered by OCPL, visit

Pictured left to right: Owen County Public Library Director Cyndi Clifton, Owen County Public Library Board of Trustees Rachel Cobb, Wes Petzinger, Sam Taylor, and Mark McMillen, Owen County Judge/Executive Casey Ellis, and Owen County Public Transit Operations Supervisor Tammy Bishop. Not pictured: Mimi Quiroz.

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