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Public Transit

Reasonable Modification and Accommodation

Anyone may submit a request to Owen County Public Transit (OCPT) for an ADA/§504 reasonable modification or accommodation by completing and submitting OCPT ADA§504 Reasonable Modification/Accommodation Request Form (“Request”). The Requestor must state in detail what accommodation/modification s/he requires to equally access OCPT services or programs. If the request lacks the requisite detail, the requestor may be contacted for additional information. A request may be administratively closed if the requestor cannot provide the requested information or if the requestor no longer wishes to pursue their request. 


Please contact:


Tammy Bishop

Owen County Public Transit — Operations

210 E. Blanton St.

Owenton, KY 40359


Dan Brenyo

Owen County Public Transit — Administration

100 North Thomas St.

Owenton, KY 40359


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