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Public Transit

Owen County Public Transit Code of Conduct for All Passengers
(Applies to all vehicles, stops, and buildings)

1. Owen County Public Transit (OCPT) rider must pay the correct fare when boarding or if you have multiple trips in one week, you may pay by Friday of that week. If you do not pay, you may be refused transportation. If you cannot pay, you must get prior approval from the OCPT administrator.
2. Respect others at all times. No profane or vulgar language on OCPT properties. Be polite to all passengers and drivers.
3. Do not defecate, urinate, or release other body fluids.
4. Passengers will not be transported if there are visible signs of any pest or parasite on his/her person, belongings, or reported infestation of the passenger’s resident or residential complex.
5. No radios unless headphones are used, and noise will not disturb other passengers.
6. Do not verbally or physically abuse, threaten or attack other passengers or OCPT.
7. Do not board the bus/van under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
8. Do not engage in lewd or offensive conduct or indecent exposure.
9. Do not place anything on the floor that may roll or move when unattended.
10. Properly controlled “service animals” accompanying disabled persons are the only animals permitted.
11. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: guns, hazardous materials, explosives, knives, and other dangerous liquids or devices.
12. No use of tobacco, eating, or drinking on the van/bus.
13. All passengers must respect the comfort of others sensitive to fragrances and consider a “scent-free” environment.
14. All passengers are required to abide by applicable safety belt regulations. Children cannot ride in passengers' laps; they must be in the proper child restraints for the age of that child.
15. Please remain seated at all times until the bus/van comes to a complete stop.
16. All passengers must stay fully clothed at all times, including shoes, shirt, and pants must be worn at all times.
17. Keep aisle clear; fold and stow strollers for the safety of all passengers. 
18. Do not stick hands, arms, head, or other limbs out the windows.
19. Never cross in front of the bus/van.
20. Keep feet off of seats, and do not take up more than one seat.
21. Please clean up after yourself before getting off the bus/van.
22. To provide safe, reliable transportation service to the public, we must limit carry-on packages to what the boarding passenger can safely manage while boarding and while riding. It will be at the driver’s discretion if you have too many packages.
23. Please respect the pickup time. OCPT drivers are only required to wait 15 minutes after the scheduled pickup time.
24. Riders should call 72 hours in advance to check availability and schedule appointments. Depending on our schedule, we may or may not be able to get you worked in. Please call OCPT at 502-750-2828.
25. If a rider is being picked up at their residence, please make sure the driveway is passable. If our driver feels that OCPT vehicles will get stuck or will be damaged from potholes, tree roots, rocks, mud, ice, snow, water, or any other obstruction, you may be asked to meet OCPT at the end of the drive; this is at our driver’s discretion. 
26. OCPT fares are posted in each vehicle. If you need a copy, please ask your driver or call OCPT at 502-750-2828 to request a copy.
27. OCPT hours of operation are from 6 a.m. (the first appointment scheduled; pickup time may be earlier) to 4 p.m. Saturday would need to be approved through the administrator. 

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Riders Only
1. Passenger must have identification to be viewed by the driver for medical trip.
2. Passengers should contact FTSB 72 hours in advance for Medicaid transportation. This notice does not apply to urgent care trips. Please contact FTSB at 1-888-848-0989.
3. Passenger must contact FTSB to cancel a trip as soon as possible.
4. If the passenger fails to show for the scheduled, OCPT will place a “No Show” door hanger or card on the door of the designated pickup point and report this information to FTSB.
5. Medical transportation hours of operation are 6 a.m. (the first appointment scheduled; pickup time may be earlier) to 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. Saturday (the first appointment scheduled; pickup time may be earlier) to 1 p.m.

Failure to follow the above code of conduct may result in the suspension of transportation. For questions and concerns, please call the Owen County Public Transit at 502-750-2828.

Terms: OCPT — Owen County Public Transit
FTSB — Broker for non-emergency medical transportation 

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