Free Dumping Voucher Program

Beginning in 2021, any Owen County resident who wishes to take part in free dumping at the Owen County Transfer Station MUST fill out the following form. Once the form is received, a voucher card will be prepared and mailed to you. 

The voucher card is good for one (1) calendar year and may be used up to four (4) times within that year. If you plan to take part in free dumping, you MUST present your voucher along with a valid driver's license to the attendee at the Owen County Transfer Station. The attendee will punch your card each time it is presented. After four punches, the voucher card is no longer valid. 

The voucher program is for Owen County residents and property owners only. Those who cannot provide a valid Owen County address will not be permitted to participate in the voucher program. Only one (1) voucher card will be issued per person, per address. 

The following rules apply:

•    You must be an Owen County resident OR own property in Owen County to participate.

•    Only one (1) voucher will be issued per household/property address.

•    Upon arrival at the transfer station, you must show an attendee your voucher and driver’s license. An attendee will punch your card and allow you to continue.

•    Trailers over 30’ will not be permitted access to free dumping.

•    As always, household trash and tires are never free.

UPDATE, JAN. 19, 2021: The estimated installation of the Owen County Transfer Station’s compactor is now delayed after the company delivering the machine shut down for three weeks due to COVID-19. We expect the compactor to be on site by Thursday, Jan. 28, one week after the original delivery date. At this time, the Owen County Transfer Station continues to accept household garbage and metal products only. Installation of the compactor should take about two days, with the hope that we will be back up and running as normal Tuesday, Feb. 2. As a reminder, if you have requested a voucher for the Free Dumping Program, the vouchers will be sent out once the compactor is on site. If you have not yet requested a voucher, you may do so below. We appreciate your patience.  

Sign up for Owen County Free Dumping Voucher Program


Fill out the following form in its entirety. Once you complete the form, click "Submit." 

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