Junk Title

Required documents to junk a vehicle are the title and the license plate.The title must be clear of all liens, all property taxes must be paid or exonerated by the PVA. If a title and/or plate have been lost form #TC 96-167 must be signed and notarized by the owner.If the title has been lost, a duplicate title must be applied for in order to junk the vehicle.


In order to record a lien on a vehicle, motorboat, mobile home or trailer a title lien statement must be filed, the documents required are:
    • Name of debtor and their address
    • Name of secured party (bank or person lending money) and their mailing address.
    • Description of collateral (year, make, vehicle identification number)
    • Title or copy of the goldenrod if a pending lien has been filed
    • Generally a lien should be filed in the county of the debtors residence.


Plate Replacement

    • Requires the current registration
    • Proof of insurance
    • Affidavit for replacement (TC 96-167)



Your vehicle license plate/decal must be renewed yearly. Documents required for registration and renewal are:

    • Certificate of registration
    • Proof of insurance
Note: Any and all delinquent taxes must be paid in order to complete the renewal process and also for transfer of a vehicle
Note: The county clerk is the tax collector and does not have the authority to exonerate or change your tax assessments. Questions regarding taxes should be directed to your Property Valuation Administrator at 502.484.5172.


The owner of a vehicle on January 1st of each year is responsible for the taxes. Even if you sell that vehicle on January 2nd the tax for that year falls back on you.


Titles issued prior to February 2000 only have the assignment portion on the back of the certificate of title and would require the VTR form #TC-96-182 along with the title. This is a short title, the newer titles are longer than a standard sheet of paper.


To transfer a vehicle the following documents are required:
    • KY certificate of title (clear of all liens)
    • Social security number for each party appearing on the title
    • Current proof of insurance
The title is mailed from the KY Transportation Cabinet and usually arrives in 4-6 weeks if you request a speed title you should receive your title within 4 business days. There is $25.00 fee for a speed title.

Weighed Plates/Farm Plates

    • Documents needed for renewal of weighted tags:
    • Proof of insurance, certificate of registration
    • Payment of taxes due and the estimated weight of the truck combined with the weight of the trailer combined also with the average weight of the load being transported will be the needed weight of plate
    • Form  #2290 also needed

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