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​Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I call and get information over the phone about recorded information?

A: Yes, if you know the buyer/sellers name and a specific date then certain recorded information can be given over the telephone, otherwise you must come to the County Clerk's Office.

Q: What is the rate on property transfer taxes?

A: The transfer rate on property tax is $1.00 per $1000.00 of the property's sale price.

Q: Can I get copies of documents at the County Clerk's Office?

A: Yes. Copies can be made by you for $0.10 per page in the copier in the Record Room. A certified copy is $5.00.

Q: Will the County Clerk's employees call if documents are incomplete or fail to meet Kentucky Statute requirements for recording?

A: No. However, Recorders will prepare a rejection form and include it with the rejected document as method of explanation.

Q: What is the most common mistake made that causes the rejection of paperwork from the Recording Department?

A: The most common mistake is not including a Preparation Statement. A Preparation Statement must include the printed or typed name, address, city, state, zip code and signature of the individual that prepared the documents that will be recorded.

Q: Is it necessary to have the Assignment document notarized?

A: Yes

Q: How are individual names indexed?

A: The names of individuals are indexed as they appear on the document. The surname if followed by the given name and the middle name or initial.

Q: How are firms names indexed?

A: Firm names are indexed as they appear on the document. The indexed name begins in the surname field and continues through the middle name field.

Q: Are dashes, commas, periods, and hyphens included in the indexing of names?

A: No. A space is used in place of all dashes, commas, periods, and hyphens that appear in the name.

Q: When indexing a firm name is the word "The" used as the first word in the indexed name?

A: No.

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